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Nowadays, renewable energy sources are taking high place in research agenda. In the last centuries, human activities are overloading the environment and the atmosphere with pollutant and carbon emissions which affect negatively the climate and produce global problems such as ozone depletion and global warming. Electricity could be considered as the most contributor part in these climate problems, the production of electricity overloads the environment by carbon emissions. Moreover, the production of domestic oil and natural gas are decreasing every day and relying on these type of Energy sources is no longer an option. Developing and implementing renewable energy approach within the urban context is the scope of this research. New technologies and devices have been invented such as piezoelectric cells to generate electricity using a renewable energy source in order to solve the Shortage of the electricity and the shortage of the fuel resources. The main concern of this research is that the percentage of carbon emission in the high population counties such as china and Egypt is increasing and it is affecting the public health. Moreover, developing countries with high population density is not well electrified, which effects the growth of this counters. This research intends to develop a system that generates electricity from integrating piezoelectric cells with streets bumps and get advantage of the huge traffic density in developing countries to generate renewable and Eco- friendly electrical energy. This research will introduce a new element called “Piezo-bumps” which integrated piezoelectric cells with street bumps.