BIM-based life cycle assessment for different structural system scenarios of a residential building

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This study pinpoints the benefit of integrating Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Building information modelling (BIM) for different design scenarios of a residential building's structural system; (1) reinforced concrete solid slab system, (2) steel and (3) composite structural system. The environmental impacts for each scenario are evaluated, providing insights into the contribution of (1) building life cycle stages, (2) structural systems and (3) building materials. Construction cost and time were also assessed and compared for each. The results show how LCA-BIM integration can streamline the environmental stewardship and prioritize action; showing that the building operation stage, the steel structural system, slabs and beams as well as reinforced concrete have the highest environmental impact, respectively. Hence, this calls for acting on building operation as well as the proper design of building elements and selection of building materials to reduce the associated environmental burden resulting from the building process.