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Sustainability is the goal pursued by societies worldwide. Existing buildings have had their share of those issues, specifically healthcare buildings, as most governments encourage green new construction and neglect existing buildings. Additionally, the benefits of existing buildings in preserving the environment, and its resources and reducing energy and global warming crises. The research objective is to achieve a high-level performance of existing healthcare buildings within a framework of evaluating the most important determinants affecting these buildings. The paper will focus on presenting the different rating systems such as LEED and BREEAM, by dividing and analyzing these systems, given that each system has its own standards and how it scores evaluation points. As the rating systems help in improving the existing healthcare buildings and get low-negative environmental impacts; they will reduce pollution, reduce carbon emissions, choose non-polluting and sustainable materials, encourage the use of recycled materials, and control waste management. The paper presents an approach to find out which rating system will evaluate green existing healthcare.