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Being one of the creative industries worldwide, Architecture plays a significant role towards developing communities, fulfilling their needs and meeting their expectations. The divergence of societal problems and the complexity nature of projects called for creative and non-traditional solutions to address these problems and overcome complexities. Architectural Design Firms (ADFs) are responsible for achieving this mission, yet lack of motivation and demotivation acted as barriers for creativity. Recently, Talent Management (TM) was presented as an innovative approach for fostering creativity, balancing work-life commitments, enhancing motivation and reducing demotivation. However, lack of utilizing talented human capitals, which was counted as waste of resources, necessitated the integration of lean thinking principles with TM. This research aims to develop a Lean Talent Management Framework to maximize creativity in ADFs. To achieve this aim, a research strategy consisted of literature review and survey questionnaire is designed to gather data sufficiently rich to cover the research topics and investigate the perception and application of ADFs towards integrating TM in ADFs as an approach for enhancing creativity. Although only Egyptian ADFs were surveyed, other countries that share similar characteristics will benefit from the application of the framework towards maximizing creativity in ADFs.