Sustainable Architectural Pluralism Through Contemporary Architectural Design

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Architectural pluralism is an architecture that would adopt the ‘local character’, which is not only concerned with the geographical aspects but also the oblique way of life (the historical and cultural forces). While contemporary architecture is a term used to describe the current architectural styles present in today’s architecture; it is usually a form of construction that represents a wide range of building styles and designs originated or inherited from various influences. Considering the previous, this research aim is to investigate how pluralistic architecture could be found in contemporary architecture through implementing sustainability and its relation to the design morphology adopted by other contemporary architectural themes. It is intended to discuss different themes of contemporary architecture and highlight their design characteristics through analysis of 3-case studies that were presented to discuss in depth the features of these two themes. The study special focused on their contribution to providing a sustainable environment. The findings of this study indicated that pluralism in architecture is highly present in contemporary architecture, toward coping with community changes.