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Mobile augmented reality (MAR) is one of the advanced three-dimensional (3D) representation tools that has been recently utilized in the construction industry. This paper aims to assess a user’s involvement levels through MAR application that has been experimented against traditional involvement techniques through an existing facility, plan re-designing scenario.


Through reviewing related literature studies in the MAR field, an application has been developed that can superimpose real design alternatives on paper-based markers, allowing for flexible wall positioning, interior and exterior wall material application. As such, an enhanced user involvement experience is created. To measure user involvement levels, the application is experimented with 33 participants having the British University in Egypt’s library building as a case study, followed by survey questionnaires to gather and evaluate user responses.


The results of the analyzed data using SPSS indicated that MAR showed a positive impact on enhancing user involvement and better understanding of design projects. It also allowed users to produce different design alternatives in comparison to the traditional involvement approaches where users showed low design interaction and understanding.


The interactive features of the proposed application facilitate implementing ideas in design of construction projects that require user involvement.