Evaluating the Efficiency of Energy-scape software

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Recently, researchers were focusing on integrating renewable energy (RE) within urban environment instead of integrating renewables with buildings due to the large occupies of urban areas. Urban areas have a great potential in generating sufficient amount of energy that could satisfy the needs of urban neighborhoods. Energy-scape elements are sustainable elements that integrates RE devices with landscape elements. This research focuses on analyzing the importance and efficiency of Energy-scape software through a qualitative method. The efficiency of Energy-scape web-based application will be tested using qualitative method and a site survey. The research concludes that Energy-scape software application is an effective tool for landscape designers in using Energy-scape elements, it identifies the optimum type and location of Energy-scape elements within their projects, and it calculates the impact of using Energy-scape elements in term of energy-savings and carbon emission (CO2) reduction.