Building the Effective Architectural Team in Design Firms: The Case of the United Arab Emirates

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Successful completion of construction projects in terms of achieving client's objectives on time, within budget and as specified should be the first priority of any design firm wishes to remain in market and compete for the future. These deliverables could not be accomplished by individuals working alone, rather by effective, coordinated and committed teams. Because of the important role it plays in the construction industry, every design firm has to focus on building effective architectural team that is capable to deliver successful projects and improve the organisation's productivity. This research aims to establish the principles and set the rules for building effective architectural teams in design firms. A research methodology consisted of literature review and field study is designed to achieve this aim. Firstly, literature review is used to study the concept of team building, recruitment, selection, training programmes and motivation techniques in design firms. Secondly, a field study is carried out in a selected sample of design firms in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to study the perception and application of the team building process. Finally, leaned lessons extracted from the field study as well as recommendations for design firms are summarised.