Estimating The Potential of Desalinate Seawater Using Solar Glass Pyramid (SGP) in Hot Arid Zones

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Summer 7-7-2021


Recently, the world starts to suffer from the shortage of fresh water, in which it effect the survivor of people in many countries which cannot afford the costs of desalinate seawater. More than 50,000 children die every year from the shortage of fresh water. In Egypt, the need for fresh water is increasing daily due to the high demands from the growing population. Moreover, Ethiopian dam put Egypt and Sudan in a very risky situation. Egyptian North coast urban settlements are located far away from the River Nile and regular methods for seawater desalination is highly expensive as well as transferring fresh water from River Nile to north coast urban settlements is not an option. This research intends to present cheap system for seawater desalination by integrating solar glass pyramid tank with building sanitation system and replacing it with the regular building water tanks. The presented research used experimental method to investigate the efficiency of solar glass pyramid tank. The research built solar glass pyramid tank in hot arid climate region which is Cairo-Egypt, and measure the amount of seawater desalinated and compare it with the amount of water consumed in single residential house. This tank will desalinate the seawater using the solar radiation to evaporate the seawater and turn it to steam, the steam will be stored in another tank as fresh water. According to the presented research, SGP will satisfy almost 3% of the basic needs for fresh water in single-family unit in which it can satisfy the drink and cooking activity in middle class single family home. The percentage of desalinated water will increase if SGP tank were linked to heater system that accelerate the evaporation process.