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The construction industry makes a vital contribution to the social and economic development of every country. Buildings provide their users with places for housing, education, culture, medication, business, leisure and entertainment. None of these buildings will perform its function unless supported with efficient road networks, superlative telecommunications facilities, water and electricity. On the other hand, the construction industry has major impacts on the environment. It is a very large consumer of non-renewable resources, a substantial source of waste, pollution, land dereliction and energy consumption. This highlights the responsibility of present generations to use the available resources in a way that enables them to meet their needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Since architects are one of the main players in the construction industry, this research aims to investigate the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of South African architectural design firms (SAADF). This was achieved through a questionnaire and a small number of interviews with respondents. Combined, this provided a unique insight into an important aspect of sustainable design management.