Measuring the Economic Benefits for Reusing Organic Wastes in Generating Gas and Electricity to Create Self-Sustain City

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Summer 6-6-2022


Some cities in the Global South are challenging the adverse effects of accumulating waste, which pollutes the environment and affects public health. This research presents a solution to get rid of organic waste and reuse it to generate energy. The research methods included a two- stream approach of data collection in: a qualitative method of collecting data using a field survey in Egypt and a quantitative way of measuring the amount of energy generated from using anaerobic digesters. The results revealed that anaerobic digester tanks produced 396 more than the gas consumed by the community and covered 3.6% of the electricity needed. The findings compared the energy generated from storing organic waste in anaerobic digester tanks with the power consumed by citizens. The results indicated that Egypt has challenges managing organic waste and needs innovative policies to confront draining a large portion of the local economy and causing environmental hazards.