The Impact of Residential Gated Compounds on Quality of Life in Egypt

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Spring 5-9-2022


Over the last twenty years, gated communities have been growing rapidly in Egypt to present a better living standard to their residents. Accordingly, a lot of Egyptians moved to gated communities to improve their Quality of Life through upgrading their human need satisfaction level. The rapid development of gated residential communities combined with some problems, and gated communities are not preferable to some residents because they are far away from downtown and from most famous neighborhoods in Egypt. Research showed that living in the suburbs has direct and indirect effects on human psychological behavior. It affects people’s leisure in addition to the clear classification that has been introduced among the Egyptians according to their address. Nevertheless, gated communities could participate in enhancing residents’ security, understanding, spirituality and other human needs. This paper aims at investigating the impact of living in gated communities on middle class residents’ Quality of Life by illustrating positive and negative impacts on both residents and non-residents of gated communities in a comparative method. This is achieved through a qualitative methodology that clarifies how Quality of Life for gated community residents has been improved.