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Winter 10-2018


Electricity, have recently became the backbone of all industrial, information and service sectors. Moreover, the global energy consumption has doubled in the last century, a global demand to use alternative sources of sustainable energy has increased. The current work focuses on a major concern in developing countries such as Egypt, where its neighborhoods and cities are facing shortage in their basic needs of electricity supply, which effect the economic state and the urban developments of theses countries and relaying on fossil fuel is not a solution. This research introduce a solution that will provide the electricity demand for the urban projects and became self-sustain projects by using the wide spread of landscape elements in the major projects and the overall urban context to generate efferent and clean energy using renewable energy (RE) devices. Integrating RE devices with landscape elements will create new elements called ’Energy-scape’ elements. The results shows that using three Energy-scape elements can satisfy the energy consumption of the park services while using four Energy-scape elements will produce more than the energy consumed in this urban project with Zero carbon emissions.