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Sacred places are dedicated places and/or places that are tangibly constructed for a religious or holy purpose, or for a certain belief, such as mosques, churches or temples. Furthermore, sacred places could also be intangible places that are religiously or spiritually interpreted within various spaces, such as mountains, rivers or deserts.

This research paper investigates what makes a place sacred, and if a sacred place is relative, or timeless; for example, if a place is considered sacred for all users, or only for a selected group of users. It also explores whether the sensation of the sacredness in places is temporary or permanent. Through examination of selected models of sacred places in a variety of tangible and intangible contexts, this paper intends to identify the elements that shape the spirit of sacred places.


Book Chapter, Advances in Utopian Studies and Sacred Architecture

By Springer

Editors: Claudio Gambardella • Claudia Cennamo • Maria Luisa Germanà • Mohd Fairuz Shahidan • Hocine Bougdah