Statistic Equation to Estimate the Amount of CO2 Emission Produced From High Traffic Density Roads

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Energy consumption, especially the energy used for electricity supply has doubled in the past three decades, causing a drastic increase in the carbon emissions produced. Between 1990 and 2005 globally, the amount of CO2 emissions increased 25%. It is estimated that vehicles produce approximately 30% of the global NOx and 14% of global CO2 emissions. Egypt is the fourteenth biggest wellspring of CO2 emissions among all GEF program nations. It was proven that 66% of CO2 emissions comes from fossil fuel as a primary energy consuming source, playing a key role in the overall carbon intensity. The problem of this research is that the roads in developing countries produce a high level of carbon emissions, and the level is increasing due to the heavy usage of fossil fuels in the transportation sector. This research presents statistical analysis equation to analyse the amount of CO2 emissions produced from roads without using heavy and expensive equipment’s. Moreover, the equation can be used as a tool to estimate the amount of CO2 emissions produced from roads during the design phase in order to improve the design and reduce carbon emissions in roads. According to the statistics the main factors affecting the amount of CO2 produced in roads are the electricity generations, types of vehicles and vehicles speed. The research used experimental method to validate the equation by measuring CO2 emissions in high traffic density road using measuring device and compared the measuring results with the statistic equation results. The presented equation should help in reducing the amount of CO2 produced in roads, in return it will help in reducing the growth of global problems such as climate change and ozone depletion.