Further results on Parity Combination Cordial Labeling

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Spring 5-24-2020


Let G be a (p, q)-graph. Let f be an injective mapping from V(G) to {1, 2, …, p}. For each edge xy, assign the label ðx yÞ or ðy xÞ according as x > y or y > x. Call f a parity combination cordial labeling if |ef(0) - ef(1)| ≤ 1, where ef(0) and ef(1) denote the number of edges labeled with an even number and an odd number, respectively. In this paper we make a survey on all graphs of order at most six and find out whether they satisfy a parity combination cordial labeling or not and get an upper bound for the number of edges q of any graph to satisfy this condition and describe the parity combination cordial labeling for two families of graphs.