Bio-inspired peristaltic propulsion of hybrid nanofluid flow with Tantalum (Ta) and Gold (Au) nanoparticles under magnetic effects

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The current study looks at the peristaltically driven motion of Carreau fluid in a symmetric channel under the influence of an induced and applied magnetic field. Tantalum (Ta) and Gold (Au) nanoparticles (NPs) with thermal radiation effects are incorporated in the hybrid nanofluid. The proposed mathematical modeling in two dimensions is finalized by employing lubrication theory. The finalized forms of mathematical modeling are nonlinear, and a perturbation approach is used to solve them. Up to the second-order approximation, solutions for velocity distribution, induction equation, and temperature distribution are reported. For velocity, current density, magnetic force function, induced magnetic field, and temperature profile, graphical and numerical results are presented. For simple and hybrid nanofluids, shear-thinning, Newtonian, and shear-thickening scenarios, numerical data are also presented. The current study aims to be useful in the medical field since Ta-NPs with low cytotoxicity can remove unwanted reactive oxygen species, providing protection for biomedical applications. Magnetic drug targeting is an effective and accurate way for drug delivery to the affected areas in biomedical science. It is accomplished by binding the medicine to biologically suitable magnetic nanoparticles, which are then steered towards the target by carefully placing magnets on the body's external surface.