Hall and transverse magnetic field effects on peristaltic flow of a maxwell fluid through a porous medium

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In this article, we investigate peristaltic motion induced by traveling sinusoidal wave in the porous walls of a two-dimensional channel occupied by incompressible, viscous, and electrically conducting Maxwell fluid through a porous medium. A constant transverse magnetic field is applied on the flow and the Hall effect is taken into account. The fluid entering the flow region through one plate is considered at the same rate as it is leaving through the other plate. The problem is formulated and solved analytically in terms of small wave number and for low Reynolds number. The effects of the magnetic parameter, Hall parameter, porosity, and permeability are discussed graphically. Expressions for the stream function, velocity components, and rate of volume flow are computed and discussed for various values of the pertinent parameters. This work can be considered as mathematical modeling to the case of gall bladder with stones. © Research India Publications.