Interaction between compressibility and particulate suspension on peristaltically driven flow in planar channel

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The peristaltic pumping of a viscous compressible liquid mixed with rigid spherical particles of the same size in a channel is theoretically investigated. The momentum equations for the compressible flow are solved with a perturbation analysis. The analysis is carried out by duly accounting for the nonlinear convective acceleration terms for the fluid part on the wavy wall. The zeroth-order terms yield the Poiseuille flow, and the first-order terms give the Orr-Sommerfeld equation. The explicit expression for the net axial velocity is derived. The effects of the embedded parameters on the axial fluid velocity are studied through different engineering applications. The features of the flow characteristics are analyzed and discussed in detail. The obtained results are evaluated for various parameters associated with the blood flow in the blood vessels with diameters less than 5 500 mm, whereas the particle diameter has been taken to be 8 mm. This study provides a scope to evaluate the effect of the theory of two-phase flow characteristics with compressible fluid problems, and is helpful for understanding the role of engineering applications of pumping solid-fluid mixture by peristaltically driven motion.