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In this study, we considered the unsteady peristaltic motion of a non-Newtonian nanofluid under the influence of a magnetic field and Hall currents. The simultaneous effects of ion slip and chemical reaction were also taken into consideration. The flow problem was suggested on the basis of the continuity, thermal energy, linear momentum, and nanoparticle concentration, which were further reduced with the help of Ohm's law. Mathematical modelling was executed using the lubrication approach. The resulting highly nonlinear partial differential equations were solved semi-analytically using the homotopy perturbation technique. The impacts of all the pertinent parameters were investigated mathematically and graphically. Numerical calculations have been used to calculate the expressions for the pressure increase and friction forces along the whole length of the channel. The results depict that for a relatively large value of the Brownian parameter, the chemical reaction has a dual behaviour on the concentration profile. Moreover, there is a critical point of the magnetic parameter at which the behaviours of the pressure increase and friction forces are reversed for progressive values of the power law index. The present investigation provides a theoretical model that estimates the impact of a wide range of parameters on the characteristics of blood-like fluid flows.