DC/AC magnetohydrodynamic-micropump of a generalized Burger's fluid in an annulus

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The article describes a new model for investigating the effect of a uniform magnetic field and an imposed electric field through two coaxial tubes on a flow of DC and AC-operated micropumps. Assumptions are made in order to reach to closed-form solutions. Expressions for the velocity, flow rate, magnitude of pressure gradient, and shear stress are derived by means of Laplace transforms along with numerical inversion algorithms. Graphical results are presented for the physical variables with different parameters involved in the flow field. Comparisons are made with the other non-Newtonian fluids and discussed graphically. Critical values for the magnetic and material parameters are found around which the flow velocity is reversed for the DC magnetohydrodynamic-micropump. The present study might provide a reference for controlling and manipulating small non-Newtonian fluid volumes.