Application of non-Fourier double diffusions theories to the boundary-layer flow of a yield stress exhibiting fluid model

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This letter highlights the possessions of momentum, heat and mass transmission on mixed convection boundary layer flow of Casson liquid over a linear elongating surface in porous medium. Heat and mass transmission mechanisms are supported out in the form of Cattaneo–Christov heat flux and generalized Fick’s law respectively. Appropriate restorations are smeared to revolutionize nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs) conforming to momentum, energy and concentration equations into highly nonlinear coupled ordinary differential equations (ODEs) system. Numerical solutions of trans- formed boundary layer ordinary differential equations (ODEs) are attained by reliable technique namely Optimal homotopy analysis method (OHAM). Graphical interpretation is given for convergence of analytic solutions and flow behavior of convoluted physical parameters on calculated solutions is presented and explicated in this examination. Reliability and efficiency of the proposed algorithm is established by comparing the results of present analysis as a limiting case of available work, and it is found to be in excellent settlement. Moreover, it is reported that augmenting values of magnetic parameter reduces the fluid velocity and upsurges the temperature and concentration profiles.