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In the present article, we have presented a theoretical study on the swimming of migratory gyrotactic microorganisms in a non-Newtonian blood-based nanofluid via an anisotropically narrowing artery. Sutterby fluid model is used in order to understand the rheology of the blood as a non-Newtonian fluid model. This fluid pattern has the ability to show Newtonian and non-Newtonian features. The mathematical formulation is performed via continuity, temperature, motile microorganism, momentum, and concentration equation. The series solutions are obtained using the perturbation scheme up to the third-order approximation. The resulting solutions are discussed with the help of graphs for all the leading parameters. The graphical results are also presented for non-tapered, diverging, and converging artery. We further discuss the velocity, temperature, swimming microorganism and temperature distribution. Moreover, the variation of impedance and the impact of wall shear stress are discussed and presented through the graphs.