Intra-uterine particle–fluid motion through a compliant asymmetric tapered channel with heat transfer

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In this article, the intra-uterine flow with small suspended particles under the impact of heat transfer is investigated. Intra-uterine fluid motion occurs in a non-pregnant uterus which is essential for examining the embryo movement in a uterus. It also plays a key role in assisting sperm movement to the fallopian tube. The Jeffrey fluid through a tapered channel with compliant boundary walls is taken into account. The proposed Jeffrey fluid model has the following features. It is electrically conducting, incompressible, irrotational with constant density, etc. The mathematical formulation is conducted under the lubrication approach for both fluid and particulate phases. The formulated equations are linearly coupled, which are solved with the help of computational software, and the exact solutions for temperature and velocity profile are presented. The influence of key parameters for velocity, and thermal profiles is illustrated graphically. It is observed that the graphical results are in accordance with the physical expectations. The presented analysis is believed to aid in reducing the risk of miscarriages and fetal withering. The obtained results are helpful in examining the embryo transfer and hydrosalpinx.