Thermal transport of radiative Williamson fluid over stretchable curved surface

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The study of incompressible steady Williamson fluid flow is conducted in a curvilinear coordinate system. The flow is bounded below through curves stretchable sheet. Linear thermal radiation effects are considered to observe the heat flow in the system. The model was designed as an application to solar energy in thermal engineering processes. Employing suitable similarity transformations, a set of partial differential equations obtained from the flow situations are converted into a system of non-linear coupled ordinary differential equations. The subsequent equations are elucidated numerically via Runge-Kutta-4 along with the shooting algorithm. The outcomes for different flow properties are displayed and discussed both graphically and numerically. The observations shows that the curvature parameter reduces both velocity and temperature. Radiation parameter boosts the temperature of the fluid but reduces the local Nusselt number. Williamson fluid parameter has a reverse impact on velocity field but it works as a provoking agent for the case of thermal profile. The visual effects in the form of streamlines and isotherms are also presented for different Reynolds number.