Electro-magnetically modulated self-propulsion of swimming sperms via cervical canal

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The purpose of this study is to theoretically investigate the electro-magneto-biomechanics of the swimming of sperms through cervical canal in the female reproductive system. During sexual intercourse, millions of sperms migrate into the cervix in large groups, hence we can approximately model their movement activity by a swimming sheet through the electrically-conducting biofluid. The Eyring–Powell fluid model is considered as the base fluid to simulate male’s semen with self-propulsive sperms. An external magnetic field is applied on the flow in transverse direction. The governing partial differential system of equations is analytically solved. Creeping flow regimen is employed throughout the channel due to self-propulsion of swimmers along with long wavelength approximation. Solutions for the stream function, velocity profile, and pressure gradient (above and below the swimming sheet) are obtained and plotted with the pertinent parameters. The prominent features of pumping characteristics are also investigated. Results indicate that the propulsive velocity is reduced with an increase in the electric field which is an important feature that can be used in controlling the transport of spermatozoa inside the cervical canal. Not only is the present analysis valid for living micro-organisms, but also valid for artificially designed electro-magnetic micro-swimmers which is further utilized in electro-magnetic therapy taking place in female’s lubricous cervical canal filled with mucus.