Dynamism of a hybrid Casson nanofluid with laser radiation and chemical reaction through sinusoidal channels

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This article studies the impact of laser radiation and chemical reaction with electromagnetic field and electroosmotic flow of hybrid non-Newtonian fluid via a sinusoidal channel. A mathematical model is used to simulate the arisen non-linear partial differential equations (PDEs). By employing the suitable transformations, the system of PDEs is then transformed to a non-linear system of ordinary differential equations (ODEs). The impact of the pertinent parameters on the pressure rise, velocity profile, streamlines and temperature distribution has been discussed. It has been noticed that the laser parameter enhances the fluid flow and the temperature distribution. This result occurs due to the impact of laser radiation that decreases the blood viscosity which in turn implies an increase in the fluid velocity leading to an enhancement in the heat transfer inside the fluid layers. The technique of laser radiation plays an important role in treating many viral and autoimmune diseases. The current study of radiation has the intention to help inhibit bacterial growth, increase oxygen binding to the blood, transport oxygen to organs and activate white blood cells.