Three-dimensional nanofluid stirring with non-uniform heat source/sink through an elongated sheet

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This paper numerically explores the effects of nonlinear density temperature, non-uniform heat source/sink on 3D Maxwell nanofluid flow over a stretching sheet. The combined leading velocity, thermal and species boundary layer balances transformed the problem to a class of coupled non-linear ODEs by similarity conversions subject to suitable preconditions. The dimensionless fine modelled BVP is worked out by adopting Runge-Kutta fourth-order method integrated with the shooting technique. A comprehensive study on the influence of significant thermo-physical non-dimensional factors controlling dispersals of flow characteristics is conducted. The computed results of friction factor, Nusselt and Sherwood number values for selected parameters are presented. Verification of numeric solutions is accomplished with specific circumstances published in earlier reported outcomes, an effective association is witnessed. Present analysis is of great significant interests in the cooling of metallic plates, polishing of artificial heart valves, enhancing oil recovery and separation processes in chemical industries and in petroleum extraction.