A Conceptual Framework Review of Social Exclusion, and its Relation to Social Cohesion and Poverty”.

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Winter 11-2011


Purpose: the purpose of this paper is to engage with the debate, explore and analyse some of the literature on the concept argument of social exclusion in the literature overview and its relation with social cohesion and poverty. Furthermore the paper distinguishes between social exclusion and poverty. The debate about social exclusion this paper suggests is at the same time a debate about the social inclusion dynamics of European modernity. Design/ methodology/ approach: Research reviews of articles and research study, that will summarise and identify common themes and gaps in the literature without using statistical techniques and a brief examination of the social exclusion and social cohesion in Europe, with distinguish between poverty and social exclusion. Implication: a long term study is needed to present a practical methodology for measurement and assessment of social exclusion, and to identify the groups of individuals most at risk. Searching and piloting different ways to make communities are more inclusive but rather to change their nature, make them at one and the same time both less exclusives and less inclusive. Finding: the most highlighting findings in this paper are the social exclusion dimensions, underpinnings of social exclusion, and the different between poverty and social exclusion; however the social exclusion can lead to poverty, poverty in knowledge, poverty in skills, poverty in citizenship and poverty in community participating full in the economic, social and political life of the society where they live - often because of their language, culture, religious or racial characteristics. These groups are typically also poor. Research limitation/ implementation: a real action research need to be carried and highlight the most causes of social exclusion, and a real distinguish need to be raised on social exclusion causes in different countries even in Europe for benchmarking.