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Summer 6-20-2018


The present research aims to examine the relationship between features of the Human resource information system (hereinafter HRIS) and gaining the competitive advantage (hereinafter CA). The research adds new insight to the current HRIS/CA literature through emphasizing how HRIS characteristics help gaining CA. For achieving the research purpose, data was collected about HRIS features and the gained CA using structured questionnaire that is conducted with (110) HR professionals, (21) IT technicians and (124) sales managers working in the Egyptian Company for mobile service. The results showed that HRIS features of database network, comprehensiveness and integration have the highest impact on the effectiveness of the transformational HRM practices, which explains the HRIS/CA positive relationship. On the practical side, the suggested HRIS model guides the practitioners in the telecommunications industry to implement the desired modifications in HRIS characteristics to compete in the Egyptian telecommunications market.