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Winter 1-1-2018


This paper aims to study the factors that enhance perception of mobile commerce users to promote such form of shopping in Egypt. Researchers explored the factors affecting users of Mobile communication and electronic shopping by identifying all factors considered in technology users' behaviour theories. Researchers conducted an exploratory research, to examine the most relevant factors for mobile commerce adoption, also, tested the reliable and valid measures extracted, for considering its effect on the user’s perception of its usefulness and ease of use. Three factors were considered of main importance: social influence, convenience and hedonic motivations. Researchers tested those factors and they all affected User’s perception, further They affected each other. Thus, researchers concluded that, in Mobile commerce, Social influence were fully mediated with hedonic motivation and convenience. As of Convenience, it tends to be the most affecting for perceptions of consumers usefulness and ease of use also, it has a strong mediation effect between social influence and mobile commerce user’s perceptions.

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