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Winter 12-12-2016


We aim in this study to explore the interaction between three constructs: leadership style, organisational culture, and organisational learning capacity. In addition to that, we investigated the validity of this trio relationship in both public and private Egyptian universities situated in Greater Cairo area. A quota sampling procedure was used to recruit 298 academicians - 186 from public universities and 112 from private universities. Significant correlations were obtained between transformational and transactional leadership style and organisational learning capacity dimensions. However, the moderating effect of organisational culture in the relationship between leadership styles and organisational learning capacity was not reported. Lastly, researchers recommended to Egyptian leaders and decision makers the leadership style and culture type that may enhance the learning capacity in higher education institutes.


Available Online: 12-12-2016 This is an open access article under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License, 2016.