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Winter 12-2018


Employee motivation and citizenship behaviours have become important issues in human resource development (HRD). This study examines the relationship between employee motivation, and Organizational Citizenship Behaviours (OCB). The objectives of this research have two folds: (1) to show to what extent does employees’ motivation in the Egyptian governmental sector can affect OCB. (2) To investigate the mediation role of employees’ engagement in the employee motivation -citizenship behaviours relationship. This study was applied at Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA) where a sample consists of 300 employees working in (MOCA) were chosen based on their participation in the “future leaders program (FLP)” implemented by the ministry as part of Egyptian strategy 2030. The participants of the FLP were chosen by the ministry based on two criteria: having postgraduates’ qualification and aged between 30 and 45. A mixed design that combining both qualitative and quantitative methods was applied through questionnaires, in-depth interviews and PLA (Participatory Rapid Approach) using focus groups. A statistical SPSS used to test the hypothesized relationships regression, correlation, Hierarchal multiple regression analysis was used. The study’ results revealed that OCB can be developed throughout the application of extrinsic motivation more than intrinsic motivation among employees in the MOCA. The mediation role of employees’ engagement was supported. The study recommended that Ministry should increase the engagement task for highly qualified employees in clear structure tasks.