A Responsible Leadership Scale: A Empirical Investigation on Responsible Leadership Dimensions’

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Winter 11-6-2021


Over the last ten years’ business leaders have faced uncertainty regarding the extent to which their actions and decisions are responsible. Although several papers have discussed the concept of Responsible Leadership (RL), the existing contributions to RL do not present a clear conceptual framework from a theoretical-practical point of view. The purpose of this paper is to suggest a conceptual, logical, and dimensional framework for Responsible Leadership and directions for responsible leaders; and to present a theoretical framework for the RL phenomenon debates in the literature. The methodology for the study is based on using a convergent mixed methods parallel research design: firstly, based on forty-five leaders in twenty factories and companies located in Egypt in different industries; and secondly, via a survey targeted at 200 employees and followers in selected factories. Also, this paper reviews recent literature and previous models for discussing the RL concept. The suggested model covering this area is new and innovative based on four existing models and presents a new definition of RL phenomenon.