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Summer 7-2018


Emotional intelligence is one of the most important personal trait linking to leadership in a way of assisting and developing the desired skills needed for those leaders applying effective leadership. There is a lack in the research literature related to leadership style in the Military Production Factories (MPFs) sector in Egypt. There is great attention and initiative to the reform in governmental sector in Egypt. This study considered as a baseline study for identifying the dominant leadership style in MPF. Military production industry sector includes 20 factories and companies lead by the Ministry of Military production (MOMP). The factories produced Military and non-military production. The sector includes 33546 employees. The selected organisation (MPF) works under the authority and supervision of the Ministry of military production (MOMP) in Egypt, however the majority of worker, including top, and middle line management are civilian. This study investigates the style of leadership mainly transformation and transactional leadership. The scale of the questionnaire was developed based on two sources and references to measure this relationship between the independent variable emotional intelligence and dependent variable leadership style. This study uses statistical tools SPSS including regression, correlation, Cronbach’s alpha.

The result on the level of Leadership, First, -study shows that female employee of the MOMP have a tendency towards a high level of transformational leadership style behavior more than male managers in the MOMP. Confirmed by Mandell and Pherwani, 2003). Second, Males’ leadership style more oriented to the style of transactional style of leadership (confirmed by Strickland, 2008). On the level, emotional intelligence females scored higher than male in emotional intelligence. Furthermore, the dimensions of emotional intelligence (emotion attention, emotional clarity and Emotional repair (women scoring higher in emotional repair the most).