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Summer 6-2018


This research examines (1) The relationship between talent retention and talent management and its dimensions-namely; talent recruitment and talent development. (2) The effect of mediation role of employees’ engagement on the relationship between talent management and talent retention in the public-sector factories in Egypt. The theoretical background is presented. A structured questionnaire was used to test the variables using random sampling techniques (N= 560 responses) collected by circulation in 18 factories using random sampling within the talent pools of these factories. The questionnaire included three parts. Sub-questionnaires were tested for validity and reliability presented in the results. The proposed study relations were tested using Pearson correlation coefficient and multiple regression analysis. The Structural Equation Model (SEM) using AMOS 21 was used, also path analysis and fit indexes were used. The results supported the hypothesis that there is a significant relationship between talent management and talent retention. Also, the results supported the engagement mediate this relationship. The recommendations from this study will help in selecting the appropriate tasks for the talented employees to be engaging, that will encourage them to remain in the factories and it will allow them to feel a commitment to their organisation. Also, it is recommended that these factories build a clear strategy for talent management.