Review Revision Techniques Tools for Undergraduate Business Students within the framework of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

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Winter 11-4-2022


Exams, writing, business, and management studies are all included in a comprehensive description of the revision. Consequently, depending on the context in which it is used, the definition of "revision" shifts and adapts. But there is one thing that all of these definitions have in common: the act of reading something again after it has already been written, The next teaching revision tools that are described below will primarily concentrate on revision in relation to studying and exam preparation, but they will also briefly touch upon the various definitions that revision may have depending on its intended application. Revision is the process of looking over material that has already been studied or learned. It involves reading the material again, going over course materials again, and reviewing. Students could do this purely out of interest (for the love of learning), but more frequently, they revise to prepare for a test. For this reason, it's often referred to as exam revision. Exam revision is a phrase that students might infer its meaning. Exam revision is the process of updating or revisiting students' course information so that they can succeed on their exams when they take them. Exam revision is a great method to bring together everything pupils have learned about a certain subject over the course of a given period if you approach it the appropriate way. Revision has several advantages, some of which are directly tied to the way the word "revision" is employed, while others cut across borders. For instance, the revision will enable students to see the boundaries of their knowledge and provide them with the means to transcend them. Students can write more effectively and coherently by revising their work. Students can make sure that their thoughts are more logical and flow better. The revision will aid students in their studies by helping them recall crucial data, numbers, subjects, and approaches from prior coursework. Students will be better able to respond to test questions in exams thanks to the revision. The students feel ready. And the assurance and assurance that comes from knowing that pupils revised what they needed to would lessen test anxiety, which is a key step to performing well on an exam. The author of this paper will offer many techniques to aid students in revising before exams