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Winter 12-2022


This study aims to investigate the impact of adaptive leadership practices on organisational resilience within Egyptian academia amid the change management crisis, using the ADKAR change model. A self-administered online questionnaire (Google Form Survey) was distributed to collect data from 135 faculty members working at several private and public universities located in Greater Cairo/Egypt. The response rate was approximately 90% (out of 150 faculty members). A structural equation modelling technique was applied to test this study‟s hypotheses. The primary purpose of this study is to provide empirical evidence that leadership adaptability and organisational resilience are among the most sustainable sources of organisational survival and competitiveness. However, this interrelation and interdependence occur in organisations after disasters and during crises. Furthermore, it strongly supports the mediating role of the ADKAR change model, which creates an indirect positive impact between the independent variable (adaptive leadership) and the dependent variable (organisational resilience). It also develops a survey tool that organisations can utilise to identify their strengths and, evaluate the effectiveness of their resilience strategies, and improve their ability to recover quickly from crises and calamities. To the author's knowledge, this study is one of the few examining the relationships between these variables within the Egyptian academic context.