The Impact of Leadershift on Cultural Agility Policy: The search for effective ways of Mindfulness

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Fall 10-1-2022


To achieve an agile business culture, leaders must match styles with situations (leadershift). Such a goal can be acquired by utilizing special abilities and skills, such as Mindfulness. We tested such a framework of research to identify the role of Mindfulness as a personality trait that any leader should effectively utilize to achieve an agile organizational culture successfully. The variance model was applied by a cross-sectional survey on a sample from the Egyptian Post Authority to evaluate their success using the proposed tools in their latest era of significant changes. Findings reveal that Mindfulness is a compelling personality trait that facilitates leadershift, identified as shifting leadership styles with high flexibility to fit the situation. Such a trait helped the management of the Egyptian Post Office to achieve a thriving agile culture as a state-owned enterprise. Moreover, further implications were highlighted for practitioners and academic researchers to investigate the relationship profoundly.


JBRMR , Volume 17 Issue 01, 01 Oct 2022 DOI: Published: 01 Oct, 2022 ISSN 1751-8202 (print) ISSN 2056-6271 (online)