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Fall 12-18-2020


The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of perceived advertising value of Social Networks adverts (SN ads) on Egyptian consumers’ purchasing behaviour. The researchers based their study on Ducoffe (1996) Advertising Value Model that includes informativeness, entertainment, credibility, and irritation, in addition to materialism and peer influence. Data were obtained from 375 Egyptian respondents. Structural Equation Modelling was applied to examine the research hypotheses. The results supported the positive mediating effect of attitude towards SN ads and purchase intention on the relationship between informativeness, entertainment, irritation, materialism and peer influence on consumers purchasing behaviour. Yet, SN ads credibility deemed insignificant. The results provide significant insights to advertisers with respect to optimising the effect of SN ads on consumers purchasing behaviour. Additionally, it extends Ducoffe model by adding materialism and peer influence. Finally, it validates the Theory of Reasoned Action in the Egyptian context.

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