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Winter 2-15-2022


The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of Internet banking on customer experience, satisfaction, trust, loyalty, E-service quality and financial performance in Egyptian public banks. This study concentrates on public bank’s customers in Egypt as a developing nation in the Middle East, which limits the generalizations of the paper findings to other banks globally. However, the fact that all banks faced similar challenges at times of pandemics and typically adopt common standards in bank financial management implies that the findings are potentially robust for global bank management. Structural Equation Modelling was applied to examine the research hypotheses. There was an evidence of a significant relationship between customer experience and loyalty, which is related to financial performance in Egyptian public banks. The study confirmed the importance of studying consumer behaviour, for the purpose of improving customer services in the banking industry which could have valuable implications for internet banking, bank marketing services, and might positively impact bank financial performance.