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Summer 8-2018


This paper presents an examination of the student response to a small-scale experiment in Student Centred Learning (SCL) in undergraduate business classes. This experiment tests the benefits and the impact of Student Centred Learning approach. Also, this approach will help to discover and identify students at risk. This experiment examined the twelve principles of SCL in the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics & Political Science (BAEPS) as a part of teaching and learning strategy and action plans. Feedback was collected from three student groups undertaking different modules at three levels within the Business Department. Each module applied SCL for the first 6 weeks of the module and the rest of semester applied traditional teaching methods. The three groups were undergraduate business students’ classes during one semester at the British University in Egypt (BUE). The feedback from the majority of the three groups reported positive practises. This paper presented a justification and explanation for success and pitfalls in student centred learning and recommended creative interactive teaching strategies. This experiment proved that SCL implementation, together with a traditional approach in teaching and learning, is more effective for undergraduate university students.