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This paper examines the relationship between leadership styles, used by top management, to motivate middle management managers, which drives them in accomplishing their organisational goals. Leadership use two techniques to motivate employee that are extrinsic and intrinsic (Self-determination Theory (SDT)) in Civil Aviation Ministry in Egypt. The objective of this study is to search which leadership style is currently used, from the perspective of middle management, as subordinates for top management and which leadership style motivated managers, extrinsically and intrinsically. A survey-based descriptive research design was used. The study was conducted using middle managers working in the Civil Aviation Ministry in Egypt. Of 150 survey questionnaires distributed, only 100 were completed in a useful manner. The questions on the survey instrument were grouped into two sections (part for leadership and the other for motivation). The questions were close-ended and using a Likert-type scale with five degrees (1-5) intensity. The research results of the study leading to the conclusion that the top managers’ leadership style currently used in MOCA is transactional style and that it reacts far the intrinsic more than extrinsic managers’ motivation.