The Effect of Environments’ Dimensions on the Growth of Female Entrepreneurial Projects in Jordan

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The study investigates the relationship between the external environrnental factors and the growth of female entrepreneurial projects, through evaluating the factors of growth: annual increase in the number of projects, development of project's activities, and the increase in project size (capital, number of employees and expansion). Women entrepreneurship is considered one of the fastest growing, and the most widespread segment among the small businesses sector worldwide. Many Jordanian women are turning to entrepreneurship as a means ofself-actualization and income generation and, hence, contributing in the advancement ofthe Jordanian economy. Women entrepreneurship was researched through surveying the related literature in general and, specifically, by examining Jordanian women's pathways towards entrepreneurship. A strnctured questionnaire was designed and distributed to a sample of 700 women. The study concluded that there is a significant impact of the dimensions of technological environrnent on the growth of entrepreneurial projects.