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Purpose - The aim of this research paper is to examine some of the ethical issues which may arise when physicians accept promotional items from pharmaceutical companies and the influence on the prescribing behaviour.

Design/ methodology/ approach – Testable hypotheses were developed with respect to physicians prescribing behavior regarding ethical considerations while accepting pharmaceutical promotional items. A survey questionnaire was designed to capture the data from 134 Egyptian physicians located in greater Cairo. The hypotheses were tested using SPSS package.

Findings – The major finding is that there is a significant positive association between the type of promotional item offered to physicians and the degree to which it is ethical to accept the item.

The second major finding is that significant association was found between the type of promotional items offered to physicians and their prescribing behavior. The hypothesis related to physicians prescribing a generic drug when it is as effective as brand name drug is partially supported. However, as for their counterparts, the hypothesis was not supported.

Originality / values - this paper sheds some light on the impact of pharmaceutical promotions on Egyptian physicians prescribing behavior, an area culturally perceived as a taboo, and should contribute to the growing body of knowledge on the role of prescription behavior of physicians particularly in a less developed country (LDC) namely: Egypt

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