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Summer 6-18-2020


The strong growth of world merchandise trade recorded the highest in 2017. This was the strongest indicator within a period of six years carrying a ratio of 1.5% which is far above 1.0 the ratio following 2018 financial crisis. The period up to 2023 carries positive prospects for short and medium term and will yield to a growth of global GDP by more than 3.0. The question arising and addressed in the review across the research study sheds the light on the inability of the Egyptian Economy to hunt the opportunities of this GDP growth and the increase of global seaborn trade. The weakness that stands as an umbrella hindering Egyptian ports to carry on these positive forecasts is the set up of their pricing systems. On the academic level, the paper is a conceptual effort trying to study about the competition and how the pricing system in ports to be determined worldwide. On the practical level, it will tackle the leakages for the Egyptian Ports’ services in building a competitive edge reflecting the challenges they face in their pricing strategies.

Keywords: Pricing policies, Seaports, Port competition, Port pricing challenges, Competitiveness, Agility.