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Summer 6-9-2012


The uprising Egyptian revolution January 2011 triggered most organizations in the Egyptian society to revise strategies to invade markets vigorously with innovative plans in order to survive in such unforeseen economic conditions. As change is the process by which the future invades our life, most organizations in Egypt nowadays are trying to pave the way for this change allowing for more innovative patterns that cannot be guided without the support of the human resources policies and practices. The importance of this study arises from its contribution at both the academic and the practical levels as it reflects not only the importance of innovation as a catalyst tool for the organization development but also it focuses on the importance of mobilizing human resources to enhance business innovation. On the academic level, the aim of this study is to shed the light on such a crucial approach of business innovation as one of the new trends in management studies as well as to highlight the crucial role of human resources to support business innovation initiative. On the practical level, the importance of this study arises from the fact that there are few studies within the Egyptian context that highlighted the importance of mobilizing human resources to enhance business innovation. This study would reflect the concepts derived from the literature review on both business innovation and human resources practices as applied on one of the Egyptian business organization in the field of communication: Vodafone Egypt. The focus of this study can be tackled through two questions. First is to what extent can human resources enhance business innovation? Secondly, to what extent the applicable procedures in Vodafone Egypt regarding both business innovation & human resources practices fulfill the standards driven through the international experiences?

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