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Summer 5-30-2013


Culture in an organization is the set of values that help its members to maintain and understand what an organization is all about and what it stands for. It is considered to be the set of shared meanings that the members cherish and should respect in order to go with the norm of the organization .It also plays a very important role in shaping managerial decisions and behavior as it is the founding base for the internal environment in the organization. Culture determines the theme of the organization whether it is ethical, social or political. The Culture is engraved in the people‘s mind and the organization’s background and the starting point behind any organizational culture comes from its founder. The organization-environment relationships would provide an array of discussion towards how to bridge these interrelated components into a common cause to help serving the community. The case study in hand El Zahrawan charity corporation, will help to highlight those efforts in melting the society to common causes related to the community and to the Egyptian country as a whole.