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Summer 6-25-2013


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) involves the marriage of good business principles with the desire to solve social problems, to improve the environment and to empower communities. The shift in the paradigm of managerial studies and the introduction of new trends and concepts in both Public and Business administration fields paved the way for CSR to rise as a topic of research under the limelight of academic studies creating the opportunity to search it as a concept as well as its related research area. CSR invaded the socially motivated business ranging from the smallest and most localized efforts to the largest and ambitious national and international enterprises. These companies shift to incorporate an environmental social welfare based theme and translate it into business plans and products. The field of scholarly investigation about CSR provides the arena for opportunities to challenge and rethink concepts and assumptions from different fields of management and business research.

The importance of the study arises from the institutional reform process in managerial styles and practices, paving the way to address many research gaps in the development of multi strategies to understand the influence of CSR in management practices and applications as the study tends to highlight the importance of CSR activities to maintain competitive advantage for the Egyptian organizations.

Accordingly, on the academic level, this paper aims to shed the light on CSR concept as a crucial development since the turn of this century showing its importance and contribution to the new trends of management studies. In addition, the study aims to bridge the research gap between business practices and public administration views of CSR within the framework of the Egyptian context. On the practical level, the importance of this study arises from the fact that there are few studies in the field of public administration reflecting on the CSR concept's application in Egypt. Moreover the current conceptualization sometimes considers the unique characteristics of the Egyptian society's enterprises seeking to achieve competitive advantage. In addition, studying the concept and its applications from the point of view of activities associated with perceiving the opportunities to create a balance between maintaining competitive advantage and achieving both profit and society welfare as applied in a case study of PEPSICO Egypt.