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The importance of private label brands has increased; several factors have been affecting the attitude towards private label brands. This research examines the relationship between the antecedents and consequences of private label attitude. A structural model is developed using AMOS version 22, and tested providing indications for the factors affecting the attitude towards private label brands. The results from the structural equation model explained the relationships between store image, familiarity with private label brands, price consciousness, quality consciousness, national brand loyalty and store loyalty on private label attitude. The findings revealed that six hypotheses were accepted and only one had been rejected. The results were discussed in line with the extant literature, showing that familiarity with private label brand is the most important determinant for consumers’ attitude toward private label brands. Moreover, as we expected that the attitudes towards PLB products had a positive and significant influenced on private label brand loyalty rather than the store loyalty. Research limitations and Future researches were reported. Implications of these findings on Egyptian hypermarkets and supermarkets are discussed further.

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